About us

About us

Dynamic, diligent, determinative and having the same passion for learning and working in aquaculture industry, we teamed up to establish our BioAqua Company Limited. With 12+ to 16+ years of experience in this industry and working together with specialists/scientists in aquaculture, pathology, biology and technology from United States, we provide a variety of products used in aquaculture environment treatment/improvement as well as health/nutrition supplements for farmed aquatic animal.

We share our knowledge – expertise – advanced application protocols from foreign countries, plus our practical experiences with Vietnamese farmers to develop innovative products – protocols adaptive with culture infrastructure and conditions in each local area for sustainable biosecurity aquaculture. We are always serious with our quality products and services. In appreciation of farming experience and not changing conventional farming practices, we provide all natural user-friendly products in replacement of antibiotics and chemicals with our best efforts to build up best aquaculture practices (BAP) based on a framework of biosecurity – food safety for increased productivity but sustainable environment.

We specialize in trading and distributing the following products:

  • Biological products for environment treatment in aquaculture
  • Probiotics for digestive improvement
  • Feed supplement/additives for nutrition support
  • Prebiotics for resistance enhancement and immune stimulation
  • Vitamin and minerals

Our mission

Our desire is to bring all natural unique, environment and user-friendly products in contribution of development for a sustainable biosecurity aquaculture.