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Experimental method to detect the cause of EMS

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In early 2009, a new symptom appeared in both giant tiger shrimp and white shrimp, called early mortality syndrome (EMS), which caused major damage to shrimp farms in the south. China. In 2010, EMS appeared in many shrimp farming areas in southern Vietnam and spread to other countries such as Malaysia in 2011 and Thailand in 2012. In 2011, based on acute lesions of premature death syndrome, a new name was proposed as “Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Syndrome” (AHPNS). By the [...]


Some success stories overcome EMS in Vietnam

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  How some shrimp farms in Vietnam are overcoming the EMS in Vietnam. This year, it will be two years since early mortality syndrome/acute hepatopancreatic necrosis (EMS/AHPNS) was first reported in shrimp farms in Vietnam. It started in the Mekong Delta in farms culturing mainly the black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon which contributed more than 60% of shrimp production in the country. EMS gradually spread to many farms all over the entire country, bringing fear among farmers in the country. Today, [...]


Benefits of AquaVive and NutraPro in shrimp ponds

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All the efforts in synergistic usage of probiotics and prebiotics is related to these microbiological ecologies in the water, feces, organic wastes, sludge, sediments, shrimps gut and feed. Biofloc can be a novel strategy for disease management in contrast to conventional approaches such as antibiotic, antifungal, probiotic and prebiotic application. The “natural probiotic” effect in BFT could act internally and/or externally against, i.e., to Vibrio sp. and ectoparasites, respectively. This effect is promoted by large groups of microorganisms, but mainly bacteria that [...]


Organism Size and Behavior in Penaeus vannamei

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Feed In response to a discussion on The Shrimp List titled “Feed Organism Size and Behavior in P.v.,” Durwood Dugger, one of the pioneers of shrimp farming in the Western Hemisphere and owner of BioCepts International, an aquaculture consulting company that concentrates on shrimp and lobster farming, wrote: Here are a few of my observations on the feeding behavior of Penaeus vannamei: 1. In some old Purina nutrition studies, I watched 40-gram broodstock clear newly hatched Artemia nauplii out of 120 L [...]


Shrimp panel: India growth, China recovery to drive 2018 global production increase

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MIAMI, Florida, US — Strong growth from India, a recovery in China and increased production from other Asian and Latin American countries will drive global shrimp production past 3.5m metric tons in 2018, according to the shrimp panel at the Global Seafood Market Conference (GSMC). As well as increased production from India and Ecuador, Vietnamese production is also forecasted to rocket in 2018, according to the panel. China is set to recover and Thailand and Indonesia are expected to increase. The [...]


The mixed feeding regime benefits Pacific shrimp

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Study finds continuous feeding with a high-protein diet is not as practical Cast netting of shrimps from the shrimp production pond of CFLRS-MSU for use in the study. Aquafeeds are the most important cost in fed fish and shrimp aquaculture operations, especially considering that – even under appropriate feeding management – about 70 to 95… See more at