Benefits of AquaVive and NutraPro in shrimp ponds

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Benefits of AquaVive and NutraPro in shrimp ponds

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All the efforts in synergistic usage of probiotics and prebiotics is related to these microbiological ecologies in the water, feces, organic wastes, sludge, sediments, shrimps gut and feed.

Biofloc can be a novel strategy for disease management in contrast to conventional approaches such as antibiotic, antifungal, probiotic and prebiotic application. The “natural probiotic” effect in BFT could act internally and/or externally against, i.e., to Vibrio sp. and ectoparasites, respectively. This effect is promoted by large groups of microorganisms, but mainly bacteria that is considered the first trophic level in the system.

Externally, the working mechanism of biofloc microorganisms against pathogens seems to be by competition of space, substrate and nutrients. Some essentials nutrients such as nitrogen are required by both groups (i.e. heterotrophic bacteria vs Vibrio sp.) limiting their growth. Inhibiting compounds excreted by BFT microorganisms, light intensity and type of carbon source also could reduce pathogens growth.

Biofloc is a unique ecosystem of rich and potent conglomerates of microbes, algae, protozoa and others, together with dead organic detritus particles. The BFT concept became a trend and a necessity to limit water exchange. When water exchange was limited, organic matter in water is built up which supported the development of heterotrophic microbial community. These microbes digested the organic substrates to get their nutrients and energy for their growth. In fact, selection of high performing and stable bacteria like in BioZ probiotics, can produce abundance of cell biomass with aeration, right balance of C:N concentration, much less water exchange, and dominate the pond ecosystem. These bacterial biomass combines with phytoplankton, protozoan and detritus and serve as an excellent source of nutrition for shrimp estimated to replace 25% of feed.

AquaVive and NutraPro provide the synergistic effects of probiotics and prebiotics, and support the formation of biofloc

BioZ probiotics are exceptional to develop and sustain biofloc in shrimp pond ecosystem. This has exceptional merit in intensive and semi-intensive farms especially green houses with zero water exchange, higher rate of feeding regiment and aeration where BioZ organisms can digest the organic matter efficiently using abundance of extracellular enzymes. The biofloc particles then become a high protein feed supplement closer to 25 – 30% of the total feed/day.

Bacillus strains metabolize 24/7, rain or sunny, cloudy or clear sky so long as there is DO > 5 ppm and abundance of carbon. Under such optimum conditions, heterotrophs dominate the pond water as biofloc and keep the pond water free from the extreme toxicity of NH3, NO2, H2S, etc.and steadily eliminate the organic bottom sludge.

Source: BioZ Technologies LLC

Biofloc Technology (BFT): A Review for Aquaculture Application and Animal Food Industry (PDF Download Available). [accessed Sep 12, 2017].Maurício Emerenciano, Gabriela Gaxiola and Gerard Cuzon

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