The unusual large harvest in March/April caused an oversupply in Asia, when shrimp demand tends to be generally low in international trade

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Export prices crashed in April and ex-farm prices fell to cost level in India and other producing countries in Southeast Asia. In international trading, new negotiations between buyers and sellers ceased for almost two months, but the market started to move slowly in July. Supply The shrimp farming season in 2018 had a positive start in most producing countries in Asia. Unlike previous years, production volume for the first harvest of the season in April was high in India, Indonesia and [...]


Indian seafood revenue may soften in FY19

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KOCHI: After two years of robust growth, India’s seafood exports may ease in 2018-19 due to an increase in supply of shrimps, sluggish purchases by the US and the impact of higher anti-dumping duty, according to Crisil Research. Growth in India’s seafood export revenue may drop to 17% to 18% in 2018-19, the research house said in its latest report. That compares with growth of 21% and 31% in the previous two financial years, which was triggered by a crunch [...]


Low farmed shrimp output for 2017

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The report analyses the market situation until June 2017 Farmed shrimp supplies were low during the first half of 2017, which was in balance with low to moderate demand in the traditional and emerging markets. The main harvesting season in Asia ended in October. Prices were up due to steady imports from the United States of America and China. Further price increases will depend on the demand pattern in the major markets, while the supply will be seasonally low in [...]


Ecuadorian shrimp farming: A success story

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Located between Colombia and Peru on the Pacific cost of the South American continent, Ecuador is a small Latin American country, with only 277,000 square kilometers of land and 2,200 km of coastline. Nevertheless, Ecuador is one of the world’s major players in farmed shrimp production, especially if we look at the shrimp production ratios relative to the land surface or to the length of coastline of the considered countries. Shrimp farming in Ecuador started in 1969 with the extensive [...]


GOAL: India, Ecuador to sustain high shrimp production growth in 2018-2019, despite slight taper

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DUBLIN, Ireland — India and Ecuador forecast shrimp production growth will decelerate slightly in 2019, but still maintain high levels, according to an industry survey by the Global Aquaculture Alliance. The two countries — key engines of global farmed shrimp production growth in recent years — will be just short of matching this year’s impressive growth in 2018 and 2019, according to the survey results presented by James Anderson, professor at the University of Florida at the Global Outlook on [...]


GOAL: Global shift towards farmed production of smaller shrimp

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DUBLIN, Ireland — “We Americans love big shrimp,” said Jennifer Wandler, director of seafood at US Foods during the Global Outlook Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) conference in Dublin, Ireland. The problem is, shrimp farmers around the world are producing less of them. This year, around two thirds of global farmed shrimp production is expected to be 40 count per kilogram or smaller, according to a Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) industry survey, presented at GOAL. By comparison, just half of global farmed [...]


India world’s largest shrimp exporter in 2016

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India was the largest exporter of farmed shrimp in 2016, according to a report from the Globefish division of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). According to the FAO, the top five shrimp exporters to the international market in 2016 were India with 438,500 metric tons, up 14.5% year-on-year; Vietnam, with 425,000t, up 18–20%; Ecuador, 372,600t, up 7.8%; Indonesia, 220,000t, 21%; and Thailand, 209,400t, up 22%. Exports from China also increased by 7% to total 205,300t. India’s top [...]


Asian shrimp prices, production on the move in line with rising demand

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Overall, shrimp production in Asia will increase by 5 to 10 percent this year compared to 2016, but there will continue to be some important anomalies in key production regions, anticipates Jim Gulkin, managing director of the Bangkok-based Siam Canadian Group. Thailand’s production is up this year, with Gulkin telling SeafoodSource that he expects an increase of between 10 to 15 percent over last year. But he added that the competition for raw material between processors is very strong, with [...]


WWF Research Finds Improved Environmental Performance is Good for Shrimp Aquaculture Business

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More intensive shrimp farming can yield better environmental and economic results, according to a new study conducted by World Wildlife Fund in Vietnam and Thailand. By producing more shrimp per hectare of land, farmers can increase production to meet growing demand for shrimp without increasing pressure on the region’s natural resources. “Natural resources like land, water, wild fish and energy come with a price tag,” said Aaron McNevin, Ph.D., director of aquaculture for WWF’s Markets and Food program, and lead [...]


Born in Hawaii, SPF broodstock shrimp industry faces globalization

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For two decades, Hawaii has led the way for Specific Pathogen Free shrimp and the growth of a multibillion-dollar industry The Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, on the shore in the distance, was one of the participating institutions in a USDA-funded consortium to breed specific pathogen free (SPF) broodstock shrimp for a growing aquaculture industry. See more at