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Study on the Distribution of Disease-Resistant Shrimp Identified by DNA Markers in Respect to WSSV Infection in Different Seasons Along the Entire East Coast of India Aiming to Prevent White Spot Disease in Penaeus monodon


Summary: White spot disease caused by white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) is responsible for harming shrimp aquaculture industry and results in a pandemic throughout the world. Undeniably, the knowledge on geographic distribution, transmission, virulence, and seasonal prevalence of this disease alongside information on the distribution of disease-resistant shrimps may be helpful to understand important aspects of [...]

Isolation and characterization of surfactin produced by Bacillus polyfermenticus KJS-2

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Surfactin, a bacterial cyclic lipopeptide, is produced by various strains of Bacillus and is primarily recognized as one of the most effective biosurfactants. Surfactin can disrupt the growth and development of other organisms. Bacillus polyfermenticus KJS-2 (BP-KJS-2) was used to produce a lipopeptide-type surfactin. To accomplish this, a surfactin-producing BP-KJS-2 was fermented by soybeans. The [...]

The effects of temperature on the feeding behavior of Litopenaeus vannamei


Feeding shrimp at high temperatures In greenhouse ponds during the hot season, many intensive shrimp farms experience problems characterized by low survivability, combined with high feed conversion rates (FCR). When temperature exceeds 32°C, excess phytoplankton bloom in the surface and shrimp mortality are frequently observed. Continuing with this series of experiments to determine the effects [...]

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Aquaculture industry towards organic, biosecurity, less adverse impact on natural resources have been applied and encouraged in many countries for development in order to ensure economic benefits, sustainable environment and food safety for consumers. In addition to the use of probiotics for active management of soil and water environment in aquaculture pond, the daily application [...]

Sibugay gov orders ‘close monitor’ on prawn, shrimp farms


Sibugay Governor Wilter Yap Palma has instructed the agriculture office “to closely monitor” the reported deaths of prawns and shrimps stocks in some parts of the province early this week. The order came at the heel of reports from prawn and shrimp farmers of the deaths of their stocks in the towns of Tungawan, Naga, [...]