Vita C300

Product features:

Commercially cultured Penaeid shrimp species such as tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon), white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), blue shrimp (L. stylirostris) and kuruma prawn (Marsupenaeus japonicus) require a dietary vitamin C for maximum growth and survival.

Vitamin C provides protection against oxidative damage and against bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. Vitamin C is essential to cell metabolism, collagen synthesis and chitin formation.

Vitamins play important roles in farmed aquatic animal health as antioxidants by deactivating damaging free radicals produced through normal cellular activity and from various external stressors, and increase stress tolerance caused by unsuitable environmental conditions.

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– Provide vitamin C for shrimps to increase the growth rate during culture period.

– Enhance immune system and disease resistance for shrimps.

– Prevent body cramp and white opaque muscle in shrimps due to vitamin C deficiency.

– Reduce stress due to sudden changes in weather, phytoplankton crash, loss of water color, unstable pH.

A dietary supplement with antioxidants such as vitamin C help to protect aquatic animals from heat stress and hypoxiamediated oxidative stress (Hwang and Lin, 2002 and Kolkovski et al., 2000).

Vitamin C prevents stress and enhances resistance, stimulates the immune system to against pathogens and other disease-causing bacteria, thereby increases stress tolerance and adaptability of farmed shrimp and fish when environmental aquaculture conditions are unfavorable. Vitamin C mitigates a harmful effects of ammonia on farmed fish and shrimp.


Vitamin C (min)


300 g

qs. 1 kg

Dosage and Application:

Add a small amount of water to dissolve and mix it with feed for shrimps during the whole culture period from stocking to harvest.

– Regular use: mix 3 – 5 g/kg with feed.

– When pond environment changes, shrimps are susceptible to disease: mix 5 – 10 g/kg with feed.


Store in a cool, dry location and avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 2 years from MFG date

Package size: 500 ml jar