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Potential applications of bacteriophages for AHPND control

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Isolated phages evaluated effective in controlling major farmed shrimp disease, inhibiting bacterial growth Isolated phages tested are effective in controlling AHPND infection in farmed penaeid shrimp and inhibit bacterial growth. and inhibit bacterial growth. Photo by Darryl Jory. Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) is caused by a Vibrio bacterium (V. parahaemolyticus) that has caused substantial mortalities –… Potential applications of bacteriophages for AHPND control


Born in Hawaii, SPF broodstock shrimp industry faces globalization

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For two decades, Hawaii has led the way for Specific Pathogen Free shrimp and the growth of a multibillion-dollar industry The Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, on the shore in the distance, was one of the participating institutions in a USDA-funded consortium to breed specific pathogen free (SPF) broodstock shrimp for a growing aquaculture industry. See more at https://www.aquaculturealliance.org/advocate/spf-broodstock-shrimp/


Farming of the Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei in India

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Production and economics The average productivity of L. vannamei in India during 2013 is 6.49 MT/ha/year compared to 10.3 MT during 2011. Earlier, farmers were eager to stock more (60 – 80/m2), which resulted in overproduction by a fall pricing. Farmers also faced some production problems. Thus ultimately could have led the stakeholders to resort stock reducing densities that resulted in reduced productivity during 2013. The average cost of production works out around RS 190 – 200/kg for 40 count L. vannamei producing. Pond preparation The [...]


India’s vannamei shrimp farming: Preparing for a better future

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The Society of Aquaculture Professionals (SAP) played a vital role in the introduction of Penaeus vannamei in India in 2009. “However, recently several issues are threatening the sustainability of this industry. SAP realised that it needs to intervene and bring these issues to the attention of key players in the industry in India as well as the authorities,” said president S Muthukaruppan. It organised a special session on November 8, 2014 in Chennai. SAP invited four speakers to give their views on [...]


India – Shrimp Feed Industry

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After the introduction of Penaeus vannamei, the shrimp feed business in the country underwent a great change.  New companies entered the feed business and existing feed companies expanded. Now India has nearly 25 aquafeed companies.  The total production of aquafeeds in 2014 was estimated at 1.25 million metric tons of fish and shrimp feed.  Shrimp feed production was approximately 600,000 tons, and fish feed production was 650,000 tons.  If all the smaller feed mills were included in this survey, the total [...]


Which solution to reduce production cost of Vietnam farmed shrimp?

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In recent years, Vietnam shrimp production area have been growing in 2014, brackish water shrimp farming area reached 685,000 ha with an output of 660,000 tonnes, up 4.4% in area and 20.4% in volume compared to 2013. Black tiger shrimp production reached 260,000 tons in 2014 compared to 2013, while production of white leg shrimp was 400,000 tons and increased 45.3%. In 2014, Vietnam shrimp continued positive growth momentum of 2013, accounting for 50% of total seafood export value reached US$ [...]


Hawaii is the world’s shrimp-breeding capital

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Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the US – the average American eats more than four pounds a year. But nearly all of it is imported and most of that farm-raised in Asia and South America. Those are well-known facts. What’s less well-known is that most of the world’s farmed shrimp can trace their genes back to Hawaii. 1. These tiny baby shrimp, known as PL in the industry, are ready to stock in fishponds. 2 Shrimp larva. 3. [...]


India: New disease worries vannamei shrimp farmers

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After achieving a record production of shrimp, which allowed the value of seafood exports from India to grow by 14 per cent yoy in the nine months ending December 2014, the industry fears that the disease known as RMS (Running Mortality Syndrome) may affect the production of vanamei shrimp in the new fiscal year. The main affected states are Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, in the southern east coast, which are the major producers of this variety of shrimp, and the top earners in the seafood export [...]


India – Broodstock Multiplication Center Destroys 8,000 Broodstock – MPEDA keen on producing ‘Make in India’ shrimp seed

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At its broodstock multiplication center in Visakhapatnam, the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has destroyed 8,000 Penaeus vannamei broodstock because the Ministry of Agriculture did not grant permission for their sale in time. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture (RGCA), a research unit of the MPEDA, runs the multiplication center and supplies specific pathogen free (SPF) broodstock to registered hatcheries across the country.  Farmers, however, are often forced to purchase broodstock from unregistered hatcheries because of delays at the multiplication center. MPEDA Deputy Director S. Kandan said we [...]


CENIACUA Develops WSSV-Resistant Shrimp In Colombia

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Summary: The 1999 appearance of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in white shrimp caused high mortality at shrimp farms in Colombia. To combat the disease, Corporación Centro de Investigación de la Acuacultura de Colombia (CENIACUA) initiated a selective-breeding program to develop WSSV resistance in shrimp. After initially poor survival and slow growth in resistant animals, more recent trials involving segregated and mixed populations of selected and non-selected shrimp, CENIACUA achieved populations much more resistant to WSSV than populations not [...]